Guidance for authors

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General rules

  • The text of the presented article is written on a computer using a special text editor running on the Microsoft Windows operating system - Microsoft Word 2013-2019 versions. Times New Roman is accepted as font for the text in Azerbaijani, English and Russian languages. The dimensions of the page should correspond to the A4 (21.0×29.7 cm) format. A 2 cm space is kept on the page from the left, right, top and bottom parts of the writing page.

  • The total length of the article should not exceed 6000 words. Articles with a length of more than 6000 words, but with extremely important scientific results, may be published with the approval of the editorial board.

  • If the article has two or more authors, only one of them is considered the responsible author of the article, and the work address and e-mail address should be indicated. The author responsible for the article is responsible for the other co-authors to approve the final version of the manuscript and give consent for publication. Addition or deletion of co-authors to the article must be done before acceptance.

  • All works included in the bibliography should be cited in the text of the article.

  • The manuscript should be written in accordance with the rules of grammar and spelling.

  • The author submitting the article is responsible that the described work has not been published before.

  • Although there are no specific requirements in the format of articles, manuscripts should contain the necessary elements such as abstract, keywords, materials and methods, analysis and discussion, conclusion, illustrations and tables.

  • Please ensure that any figures, maps or tables included in the file are legible and placed at the end of the relevant text of the manuscript. Each article included in this journal is checked for scientific quality by at least two anonymous experts. The compliance of the materials with the magazine's requirements is initially assessed by the editor. The editor is responsible for the final decision regarding the acceptance or rejection of articles. The editor's decision is final.

Xahiş edirik ki, faylda yer alan şəkil, xəritə və ya cədvəllərin aydın olmasını və əlyazmanın müvafiq mətninin sonunda yerləşdirilməsini təmin edin. Bu jurnala daxil olan hər bir məqalənin elmi keyfiyyətinin yoxlanılması ən azı iki gizli ekspert tərəfindən həyata keçirilir. Materialların jurnalın tələblərinə uyğunluğu ilkin olaraq redaktor tərəfindən qiymətləndirilir. Redaktor məqalələrin qəbul edilməsi və ya imtina edilməsi ilə bağlı yekun qərara məsuldur. Redaktorun qərarı qətidir.

The structure of the articleu

Section numbering

The article divide into clear and numbered sections. Sections 1, 1.1 (hereafter 1.1.1, 1.1.2,…), 1.2, etc. should be in the form (summary is not included in numbered sections). Parts can be given a short title. Each heading must be on a new line.


Present the relevance and objectives of the work. This section does not provide a review of the literature and a summary of the results

Material and method

Provide details on the method of the work and whether it was carried out by an independent researcher. The methods shown should be summarized and referenced. Existing methods and changes to them should be clearly described.

Analysis and discussion

Here, the direction and importance of the results of the work should be studied, but not repeated.

The result

The main results of the research should be presented in an accurate, concise and understandable form.

Title of the article

The title of the article is written in bold (font size 14 pt, interval 1) in capital letters of the appropriate alphabet, placed symmetrically along the width of the text field, relative to the middle line of the page.

!! Articles that do not meet the stated requirements are returned.